Goodbye, townhouse!

Our dear old townhouse is finally in someone else’s hands. After six months or so on the sad, slow housing market, we found some buyers and made everything official on Friday. As much as I enjoyed living there and calling it home, and will always cherish the memories of our time there, it’s feeling very nice to no longer be paying a mortgage on a home we’re not using. When I got the call at work telling me it went well and we no longer owned a townhouse, I bounced with joy because of the weight that’s come off my shoulders.

Now we get to focus on the new house and making it the home of our dreams. It’s funny but now that the pressure’s off I feel like we can start being giddy newlyweds. I was so scared we’d be trapped with that old place forever because of the housing market – it was hard to be cheerful and optimistic knowing we were still throwing money at that place while trying to enjoy living at the new place. But all that is over now and it’s wonderful!

Here’s to having only one mortgage!

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