Junk tossing

Well, my job search seems to have been successful. At least one hospital has made mention of an offer, and although it’s not official yet, I think it’s really happening. I’m moving within a month. By December, I’ll be living in the States, and Montreal will be far behind me. This knowledge makes me very restless – I can hardly sit still for five straight minutes – and so to vent a little energy I’m jumping the gun and starting to pack.

And I have lots of crap. Lots of things, too, naturally, many of them useful, meaningful, or valuable items that I will keep for many years and treasure fondly. But I have a lot of crap stashed away in boxes and drawers, and there is no way I’m hauling it all to Maryland for fun. So this week is all about the tossing out of Jen’s junk. For example, I was shocked to discover a “Backstreet Boys Live in Concert” VHS tape under my bed. To my credit, the cellophane wrapping was still intact, so you can’t make fun of me for watching it, at least. I also found costume jewelry from my childhood, rusted and tangled past recognition. Well, I recognized my old favorite smiley face earrings, and at least three halves of “Best Friends Forever” necklaces given to me by people I don’t talk to anymore.

A word of advice, though. If you come across old letters from a bad time in your life, don’t even think about opening them up to read them, no matter how curious you are. It’s just not worth it. Use them to wrap up the Backstreet Boys tape and set the package on fire in the backyard. The bonus: you may catch a little high off the melty plastic fumes.

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